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Now officially available again, the HPR C5009 as Evo II version. With the well-proven underwatership for highspeed, now 100% compatible to the HPR06 hardware.

After a long time of waiting finally available - the HPR 150. After the HPR 135 and the HPR 99 the HPR 150 is the next logical step. This 60" model also closes the existing gap between the 53" and the 73" class. Despite its impressive size its still easy to handle and transport. From weekend setups for fast cornering to high-speed setups everything is possible, the hull has been tested at speeds exceeding 145mph! Available in well-known HPR-quality, the hull is also available in the new ULTIMATE version.

HPR "Bulletproof" is now for a couple of years the well known definition of strong high-end hulls. Sadly in the meantime also competitors started to sell their hulls with the known HPR label "Bulletproof", never matching the quality of the original. In tests and competitions even Bulletproof hulls have shown to reach their limit. Therefore after a little more than two years of hard testing and development I'm proud to announce "HPR-Ultimate" as new top-end version of my hulls. This version can now be ordered for most of my hulls and is a big step forward and above Bulletproof. No expense or effort is spared in the laminate layup, apart from a thin layer of glass only very expensive and high-grade carbonfibre and carboncevlar weaves are used. The hulls set new standards in terms of strength and quality despite still low weight - simply ultimate!

Available from stock: The world-record hull HPR/LMT 99 "Mystic-Style" as Semiscale-Offshore catamaran in modern design and known HPR quality. The picture above shows the two latest hulls of the HPR family in size comparison. Both models are suitable for sport running as well as high-speed setups, especially the HPR 99 has proven its capabilities last year in Los Angeles with a new record.

v.l.n.r.: HPR 06, HPR 135 & HPR C5008